Experiment with differently sized balloons and thread colors and textures, to create a different look with your pendant lamps. Jonas Bohlin’s lamp = $524. My lamp = $25. Woot. Looking for Make your own Jewelry in Bali? Find links to Make your own Jewelry in Bali here along with links to many other websites in Bali. Creating your own pendant light lampshades is a practical way to bring more color and light into a room. In honor of our Earth, Meg shows us how to upcycle old items into a rad new pendant lamp. Plus, learn some easy ways to contribute to your neighborhood. Pendant chandeliers have been a favorite of homeowners for many years for their designer look.

Make Pendant Lamp

  • String dipped in glue and wrapped around a balloon or cone of paper makes a unique, modern pendant lamp.
  • How to Make a String Pendant LampHow to Make a String Pendant LampString-Pendant lamps are cool and timeless.
  • Here's a really cool DIY I found on instructables.
  • The Brooklyn based designer Kiel Mead is vastly popular with his jewelry cleverness, quirky designs and his casual way to give new meanings to trivial objects.
  • Kate of tape art & design showcases her DIY project on design*sponge on how to take cheap Ikea lamps and turn them into sculptural pendant lamps.
  • This the most beautiful lamp I’ve ever seen – in the shape of nimbus cloud and hanging on a pendant light, it’s made from polystyrene balls.

More information about Make Pendant Lamp on the site: http://www.homesqu.com

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